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January 2011 - Pixel Power develops Team Building Exercises using Microsoft Kinect

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Team Building With Microsoft Xbox Kinect®

Zoom StoryWe have developed Team Building Exercises that utilize Microsoft Xbox Kinect as part of the day. An example of how this was used is documented below. First, a group was set to enhance their team building skills by travelling through Zoom Story. 30 photographs were handed out and the main rule is that you cannot show the other person the picture. You can talk about it, however. The group then had to put the photographs together in the correct order. Points were deducted for each "out of order" that was present later in the day.

Corporate JeopardyWhile Zoom Story was happening with the first group, a second group got the chance to play "Corporate Jeopardy!". Using questions based on the company as well as some other non-related ones, the three teams played for points while a separate group decided the fate of their points for the overall team. The self-led strategy session also included some "search term faceoffs" where the group had to decide which search team yielded more results (for example, "Hot dog" or "hamburger").

Map ExerciseAfter Zoom Story finished, the group was separated into 5 smaller groups and each were given a geographical area to map out not using any reference material. They were also asked to write down the estimated population of the region. Later, the other team did the same exercise and the closest population winner and best looking map were awarded team points.

Image SearchImage search was used to determine which map within the two groups was better. Wikipedia was also referenced to determine who was closer to their population guess. Points were awarded accordingly and while it was very subjective, the word of the facilitator was law!

Using Kinect for Team BuildingThe final challenge between the teams involved setting up Microsoft's Xbox Kinect with the projector. The teams were also previously assigned a partner, and this now came into play (literally). Partners worked cooperatively using Kinect Adventures and the river run. Partners from each opposing team worked together in the raft to accumulate pins. The pair that had the most pins won additional points for their team.

Jumping with KinectKinect was a great way to end the team building exercises. It rejuvinated everyone and was a lot of fun. The competitive spirit was definitely there, but everyone knew it was all just for fun. Some interesting things happened.

If you would like to talk to us about how this was all put together, then contact us. We are available to deliver the training or to just act as a consultant on your specific project.