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There have been various versions of the SuperVision available. Below you will find the versions that we are currently aware of. If you know of any others, please don't hesitate to contact me!

The Original Release

European Version European Version Flat The original version of the Supervision is very closely related to the original Gameboy.

It was released in Denmark by "VN TOYS", and throughout Europe (France particularly) by AUDIOSONIC. Also in Denmark by Vini Spil.

The North American Release - Version 2

SuperVision Box Front SuperVision Box Back The North American version was distributed by Goldnation USA (who became InTime International). In Canada, you could pick up the system at K-Mart (via InTime). This version introduced the "Bendable" display.

United Kingdom

Quickshot SuperVision In the United Kingdom, the second version of the Supervision was rebranded by "Quickshot" (makers of the great joysticks from the 80's).

The final kick at the cat... Version 3

Magnum Magnum SuperVision Magnum International released a version of the Supervision that is quite different looking from the previous models.

I would like to thank Patti Sue Inhofer and her Father for donating this Supervision to my collection. It is a rare treat to meet wonderful people like them! Thank you! Magnum SuperVision

It is also now known that Magnum actually released the system in 3 different colors: Green, Grey and Yellow!

The TV Link

TV LINK Logo The TV Link is perhaps the most interesting and (only) real "accessory" for the Supervision system. Essentially, it allows you to connect your Supervision system to your television set. But is also more. TV LINK
The TV Link also has the interesting effect of letting you play your Supervision games in four (4) colors. It does this by assuming that certain bit patterns represent certain colors on the screen. Said another way, the "shades" of gray that appear to be on the screen are actually converted to solid colors. The GameBoy also uses this technique for both the Color Gameboy and the Super GameBoy Cartridge for SNES. TV LINK Cable

The TV Links are difficult to find, so if you have one, consider yourself lucky! Here's a breakdown of how it works: You plug the special cartridge (pictured here) into your Supervision, and then plug the game you want to play into the special TV Link box. This box then has outputs for your television (RF and Video).

If anyone out there has a better box to scan from, please send it to me. Thanks!

Supervision Carrying Case

Carry Case Here is a fairly unique item for your Supervision. Like the TV Link, these are difficult to obtain so if you have one, consider yourself lucky!

Thanks to Al Backiel for providing this picture!

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