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Technical Specifications

  1. Power Switch
  2. External Power Supply Jack (DC6V and YES, a GameBoy AC adapter works!)
  3. Contrast Adjustment
  4. Direction buttons (similar to the GameBoy)
  5. Battery cover
  6. Headphone jack (unit includes small stereo headphones)
  7. Speaker
  8. A & B buttons
  9. Select button
  10. Start button
  11. Volume dial
  12. Two Player Link (communications port). This is a DB-9 connector, similar to the old Atari joysticks. It is not pin-compatible with the Gameboy link system.
The screen is 61mm x 61mm (2.37"x2.37"), yielding 25600 pixels - 160 pixels by 160 pixels, compared to 23040 pixels on the Gameboy (160 x 144).

The SuperVision includes one game (Crystball), 4 "AA" batteries, and small stereo headphones.

CPU: 65C02 processor, running at 4MHz (unconfirmed)

Regarding Supervision development, the following information has been provided to me:

I saw a Supervision development system. It consisted of the bottom half of a Supervision console (i.e., the controller), connected via some wires to a large PCB. This PCB in turn connected to a card in the developer's PC.

Unfortunately I will not get a chance to test out this development hardware, but I did get some of the development *software*, which is quite interesting. The Supervision uses a 6502 processor, and a colour version was at least planned. Maybe the released console supports colour graphics internally, but just uses a monochrome screen. I say this because part ot the development software included a Supervision emulator, which runs in colour on a PC. I only have one test ROM image for this emulator though.

An emulator does indeed exist and you can download it here!

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