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I have a lot to add to this page, so please be patient. I hope to add more pictures and more info in the future. For right now, these are the descriptions that are included on the package. The wording isnít the best--Iíve tried to clean it up where possible. There are 71 games listed on this page. There were 65 games officially released in the North American market. If you have either a picture and/or description of the games I am missing (or a different variation) I would appreciate being able to add it this page, just contact me! Thanks!
2-in-1 (Blockbuster / Cross High)
Publisher: Supervision
2-in-1 (Hash Blocks / Eagle Plan)2-in-1 (Hash Blocks / Eagle Plan)
Released: 1992
Publisher: GTC Inc
3-in-1 Classic Casino

Catalog #2200

4-in-1 Cave Wonders
4-in-1 Lucky Jacky

Catalog #2169

A futuristic fighting game in a far away galaxy where you have to destroy superpowered monsters and endless galactic fighting vessels.

Catalog #2109

Publisher: Supervision
Balloon FightBalloon Fight
Have you experienced a traffic jam? If you did experience a traffic jam, you would support the act of the King of balloon. Birds are causing serious transportation problem and thus the King of balloon has ordered the Oldie Camel to fight against these birds and solve the traffic problem.

Catalog #2147

Publisher: Watara
Block BusterBlock Buster
Publisher: Supervision
Box Carrier
Brain PowerBrain Power
Publisher: Supervision
Bubble World
A little boy is confused in a world of bubbles where he will have to learn to distinguish the edible bubbles from foreign bubbles which can cause damage to the boy.

Catalog #2162

This is a very challenging puzzle game where Carrier Jack has to carry boxes to defined areas in ever more difficult situations. There are five different levels and each level has ten stages.

Catalog #2107

Publisher: Travellmate
Cave Wonders
Released: 1992
Publisher: Bon Treasure
Challenger TankChallenger Tank
This is a tankbattle game. You are commander of the latest battle tank and you have to fight your way through enemy barricades. (Armor Battle)

Catalog #2115

Publisher: Watara
You are controlling an astronaut to disarm the nuclear self-destruction process within the ghost-ship Chimera. Donít be scared by the strange objects which appear in the ship, you may find them helpful in your disarm operation. (Three quarter view game, which reminds me of Chimera on the Commodore 64!).

Catalog #2118

Publisher: Supervision
Chinese Checkers

Catalog #2130

Climbers are always dreaming of climbing the Mount Everest. If you are one of them, you must enjoy this adventure game which gives you the same feeling as climbing.

Catalog #2164

The objective is to hit the crystball with the bat to make obstacle blocks disappear as quickly as possible. You must try to pass as many stages as possible with your three crystball lives. (This is a Breakout/Arkanoid clone).
Released: 1991
Publisher: Travellmate
Dancing BlockDancing Block
There is a GB (Geometric block) Kingdom in another end of the universe. One day, the peaceful GB Kingdom is disturbed by the insect Empire. This poor country is almost totally destroyed. At this desperate moment, Mr. DANCING BLOCK comes out and fight for justice. Keep on, DANCING BLOCK.
Delta HeroDelta Hero
Our hero Wei-Wei has taken up the meaningful task to recover a long lost treasure. Help him to find all hidden money, defeat the enemy, the poisonous spiders, and exit TAIJI alive!
Released: 1992
Publisher: Bon Treasure
Devil Paradise
Dream WorldDream World
Dream gives us hope and hope gives us the motivation to achieve something great. However, the princess of dream who gives hope to humans has been captured. Please help to rescue her and thus restore the "hope" to our Dream World. Platform/adventure game.

Catalog #2137

Eagle PlanEagle Plan
Action shooting game where you command the latest hi-tech fighter plane, with a whole range of sophisticated weapons. You will be assigned different missions from destroying squadrons of enemy fighters to whole armoured divisions. (Similar to Afterburner)

Catalog #2108

Released: 1992
Publisher: GTC Inc
Earth DefenderEarth Defender
There is always a blief that living creatures exist outside the solar system. And scientists are afraid that they would invade the Earth. Hence, they have designed a robot in preparation for future attacks. This robot is called Earth Defender and you are put into action at last and are invited to defend the earth with the guns provided.

Catalog #2134

Released: 1992
Publisher: Bon Treasure
Fatal CraftFatal Craft
A space battle breaks out in the galaxy. You are now engaged in this fast moving, shooting game. You are the pilot of a fatal craft which may carry a variety of weapons that will boost your confidence in this battle.
Released: 1992
Publisher: Bon Treasure
Final CombatFinal Combat
Having experienced numerous wars and separation, Johnson, the only survivor decides to break into the enemy's 8 Command Posts and eager to fulfill this important mission to save his country. Though Johnson is fighting alone, the reinforcement will support him 3 extra tanks.

Catalog #2141

Publisher: Watara
Galactic Crusader

Catalog #2129

Publisher: Watara
Galaxy Fighter

Catalog #2187

Released: 1992
Publisher: Thin Chen Enterprise
Grand PrixGrand Prix
Released: 1992
Publisher: Bon Treasure
Happy Pairs

Catalog #2142

Released: 1992
Publisher: Sachen
Happy Race
You are participating in an exciting race under the warm sun. The complex network of the crossing roads make this a difficult race to win. The player will enter a bonus stage for every 5 levels passed. (like Rally X)

Catalog #2127

Hash Blocks

Catalog #2101

Released: 1991
Publisher: GTC Inc
Hero Hawk
Some Anti-Government Taiki gangsters had a military centre in an island of South America. They have been organising Anti-Government riots in various cities. The International Military Union thus orders a spy, coded as "HERO HAWK", to ruin the head of this military centre.
Hero Kid
Released: 1992
Publisher: Hartung
Honey BeeHoney Bee
A beautiful Bee's Kingdom was disturbed by invaders from another world. The bees will not be surrendered, they have sent out the HONEY BEE to fight against these invaders and regain control of their home land.
Publisher: Watara
Jacky Lucky
Released: 1992
Publisher: Bon Treasure
Jade Legend

Catalog #2191

Jaguar BomberJaguar Bomber
This game is staged in a futuristic world where the human are facing an aggression by intruders. Sending out the finest and advanced fighter plane is the last and only hope.

Catalog #2123

Released: 1992
Publisher: Bon Treasure
John Adventure
There are FLASHING BALLS within a flask for you to eliminate by arranging 4 or more balls of the same color in a line. You can do this with PAIRED BALLS which are formed from two single balls that are sprung up from the left/right channels of the flask (like Dr. Mario).

Catalog #2143

Publisher: Watara
Journey to the West
An RPG game. There are some screenshots available.

Catalog #9601

This is a soft action game with challenges player's response and sensitivity. During the game there are some spirits which could kill Juggler and you should help eliminate them using the bouncing balls as weapons.

Catalog #2163

Released: 1992
Publisher: Bon Treasure
Kabians have been working hard and thus accumulated much gold. However, some foreigners now want to take posession of this wealth. Please help preserve the wealth by collecting the hidden gold.

Catalog #2177

Publisher: Watara
Kitchen War

Catalog #2170

Kung-Fu Street
Linear RacingLinear Racing

Catalog #2112

Publisher: Watara
Ma Jong

Catalog #2116


Catalog #2154

Released: 1992
Publisher: Thin Chen Enterprise
Matta BlattaMatta Blatta
The Matta Blatta warship is about to engage in a sea battle and wipe out the enemy fleet. Join the challenging mission by going on board. Be sure to power-up your warship and witness the Victory of Matta Blatta!

Catalog #2125

Publisher: Watara
Olympic TrialsOlympic Trials
There are six events in this game. You and your friends can play the events in sequence and see who can be qualified for the tough Olympic Trials events.

Catalog #2124

Released: 1992
Publisher: Watara
P-52 Sea BattleP-52 Sea Battle
This is a thunderous shooting game on the high seas, where you find yourself in charge of either a submarine, a fighter plane or a cruiser to destroy the enemy fleet.

Catalog #2106

Publisher: Watara
Pacboy And MousePacboy And Mouse
This is a maze game where our hero has the job of cleaning up the city infested with hordes of dirty mice, to regain favor with his girl (Pac-Man).
Publisher: Watara
Pacific BattlePacific Battle
The Pacific Ocean aapears friendly and peaceful. However, one day, four unknown fleets attack the merchantman on the Pacific Ocean. Your fleet is ordered to eliminate these evil fleets to retain the peace of the Pacific.

Catalog #2133

Penguin Hideout
Three cute penguins have the hobby of collecting diamonds in the Arctic Circle. There are seals in the vicinity which may threaten them. Be brave and push all the diamonds in the direction of the flashing arrow in order to enter the next round. (Pengo)
Released: 1992
Publisher: Thin Chen Enterprise
Police BustPolice Bust
This is a Pac-Man type of game where the main character is a thief who walks along the passway and collecting all the pearls along his path. This is not an easy job because there are policement patrolling on the area (like Lock'n Chase)
Publisher: Bon Treasure
Popo TeamPopo Team
The Popo Team is given the task to cleanup the city with their powerful tool, a strong and extendable pipeline to "eat" or clean up all the rubbish in the area. Take extra care to avoid harmful objects during the clean up action!

Catalog #2148

This is a puzzle game. Players should arrange the configuration of the falling blocks so as to form a horizontal rectangular block which will disappear automatically. Otherwise, blocks will accumulate and when they reach the top the game is over. (Definitely a Tetris clone).

Catalog #2150

Publisher: Watara
Recycle Design

Catalog #2138

There is a belief that a Devil World exists deep in the Earthís crust. A scaffholder attempts to refute this belief by travelling down. Whenever he successfully disassembles the frame puzzles, he is allowed to travel further downwards and unfold the mysteries.

Catalog #2174

Soccer Champion
Publisher: Hartung
Sonny X'Press

Catalog #2193

Space FighterSpace Fighter
There is a space war in L Galaxy, three specially trained Space Fighters HUNT, OWEN and DALE are given the task of defending their Skata star cities. They embark on a long and dangerous flight with other foreign robots to drive the intruders away.

Catalog #2120

A very addictive puzzle game whereby the snake's body grows to enormous proportions by collecting all kinds of obstacles. WARNING: If you come in contact with the walls or yourself you will die.

Catalog #2114

Publisher: Watara
Super BlockSuper Block
Released: 1992
Publisher: Bon Treasure
Super KongSuper Kong
Somewhere in the forest of the American Continent, a little monkey was mutated into a Super Kong after eating some chemical waste. The natives were threatened by this Super Kong. A little boy came out to help fight against the Super Kong and the jungle insects.

Catalog #2149

Released: 1992
Publisher: Thin Chen Enterprise
Super Pang
Like the arcade game Pang, you control a person who shoots spears on rope and you have to shoot balls flying around the screeen. The balls split in half and those split in half until they dissapear. A bit like Asteroids really. In later levels you get powerup's and more flying balls. Of interest: It's one of the few titles which were not written in-house, as it was written by Sachen and the quality is immeadiatly superior to other SV titles. Super Pang was reviewed in the Retro fanzine Retrogames and received an overall of 82%
Tasac 2010

Catalog #2126

Released: 1992
Publisher: Thin Chen Enterprise
Tennis Pro '92Tennis Pro '92
This is a sport game. You must be strong and fit to be a professional tennis player. Let's see how well you will perform in this Tennis Pro '92 game. Our computer player is tough to beat. You need to run fast, make quick decision for return shots and be wise to choose the various shot types available.

Catalog #2117

Released: 1992
Publisher: B.I.T.S.
Thunder Shooting

Catalog #2178

Treasure HunterTreasure Hunter
This is a maze game. Dig up the treasures within the time limit and find the exit before you are suffocated. Be careful! Don't bury yourself under the rock and avoid the little ghost which is guarding the exit door. (Dig Dug meets Boulderdash).

Catalog #2165

Publisher: Watara

Catalog #2171

Witty Cat

Catalog #2166

The images aren't super clear, but you can see what some of the other games look like by viewing this picture of a Magnum Supervision brochure.

Special thanks to Robert Ferguson for typing in a lot of the descriptions!
Special thanks to Paul Eastwood and James Bull for several game scans.

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