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Welcome to the World's First SuperVision Home Page!

The SuperVision portable game system by Watara is similar to Nintendo’s GameBoy, only not quite as good (only due to the lack of good software). It does have some superior features, however, such as a bendable display, and larger LCD screen (in some variations). SuperVision Box Front

Released in 1992, the Supervision is basically a lower priced GameBoy (the on/off, volume, contrast and headphone jacks are located exactly in the same places) but the cartridges are not physically compatible. The internal software is also not compatible with the Gameboy.

I have compiled a list of specifications. There is also an accessory available for the SuperVision, called the TV-Link that allows you to connect the SuperVision to your TV (see the systems section for more details). SuperVision Box Back

There have been many variations made of the Supervision system, such as the Magnum and Quickshot versions. The Magnum is particularly interesting because the hardware is quite different but it is still compatible with the regular cartridges.

There are supposedly 65 games available in the North American market, and a few that are exclusively distributed throughout the rest of the world. The exact total number of games is slightly elusive, but we're trying to determine it accurately. It would appear that the rarest game is Happy Race. TV Link I have made a list of games and included descriptions where available. I may also have some games for sale. If you know of any other games not on my list, please e-mail me.

Although this system didn't really take off that well (sales in Europe and Asia were better than North America, but still not great) it seems that everyone that owns one of these units finds it interesting, collectible, and fun. Quickshot SuperVision

Although there were not many accessories released, there is a carrying case and some promotional material was also available. If you have any of these items and can provide me with more info or a scan, let me know!

Contact me with any comments, suggestions or questions.

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